MySparrow Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of these MySparrow Terms and Conditions is required to access your medical information or the medical information of another patient as a proxy through MySparrow.

What is MySparrow?

MySparrow is an Internet application that provides Sparrow patients and designated proxies with the following on-line services:

  • Secure and convenient way to access portions of your Sparrow electronic medical record. MySparrow does not contain your complete medical record. It is only a summary. If you would like to see your complete record, please contact your physician’s office. If you would like to see additional information about your hospital records, please contact Sparrow Health Information Management at 517.364.2276 or visit
  • Secure and convenient way to send non-urgent health-related messages to your Sparrow physician. All messages sent through MySparrow will be added to your electronic medical record.
  • Secure and convenient way to receive your test results and other health-related information from Sparrow.
  • Secure and convenient way to schedule Sparrow appointments and view a log of upcoming Sparrow appointments.

Sparrow may add other features to MySparrow not described above. You will be notified about new features when they are made available to you.

Eligibility for MySparrow Access

MySparrow is available to Sparrow patients and designated proxies as follows:

  • Adult patients of Sparrow 18 years and older.
  • Emancipated minor patients of Sparrow with permission of their Sparrow physician.
  • Adults 18 years and older or emancipated minors - proxy access to the MySparrow account of another adult or emancipated minor with permission* of the MySparrow account holder.
  • Adults 18 years and older or emancipated minors - proxy access to a MySparrow account regarding an incapacitated adult or emancipated minor if the court ordered legal guardian of the incapacitated Sparrow patient.
  • Adolescents ages 12-17 years.
  • Parents, legal guardians or other legally authorized representatives of children under age 12 years.
  • Parents, legal guardians or other legally authorized representatives of adolescents ages 12-17 years with written permission of the adolescent, unless the adolescent is incapacitated or developmentally disabled or court ordered.

* Permission granted by completing the Proxy Access portion of the MySparrow Consent Form and submitting it to Sparrow.

Use of MySparrow

You agree to observe the following requirements when using MySparrow:

  • Do not share your MySparrow username and password with anyone. If you do, that person will be able to access your medical record through MySparrow. You are solely responsible for any sharing of MySparrow content that you intentionally or unintentionally communicate to others. You agree to change your MySparrow password periodically or immediately if you believe your password has been compromised in any way.
  • Do not send any messages through MySparrow requiring urgent attention. Typical turnaround time for responses is two (2) business days. Emergency questions should not be submitted through MySparrow. Call your physician office, 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.
  • Do not send messages through MySparrow that concern highly sensitive matters. Other Sparrow health professionals and staff whose job responsibilities require them to assist your physician to communicate with you may view your MySparrow messages. Use of MySparrow may not be appropriate for sensitive information you wish to discuss privately with your Sparrow physician.
  • Do not intentionally submit insufficient or incorrect information through MySparrow. If you do, we may be unable to provide accurate and reliable services to you.
  • Do not submit messages through MySparrow that contain profanity, threats or libelous references. Use of MySparrow in this manner will be grounds for automatic termination of MySparrow access.
  • Do not share your E-mail address and password with anyone who you do not want to have knowledge of your MySparrow account. MySparrow users will be notified via E-mail when there is new medical information to be viewed on MySparrow. This means that any person with access to your E-mail will be able to see these notifications.

Discontinuing Use of MySparrow

You can discontinue use of MySparrow at anytime by contacting your physician's office and asking them to deactivate your account.

If we determine in our sole discretion that you have violated these MySparrow Terms and Conditions and/or abused the use of MySparrow, either as a patient or as a proxy, we reserve the right to discontinue your use of MySparrow at any time.

Web Site Terms and Conditions and Security Policy Incorporated

These MySparrow Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan. The Sparrow Health System Website Terms and Conditions of Use as set forth at and the Sparrow Health System Website Security Policy as set forth at are incorporated into these MySparrow Terms and Conditions as if set forth herein. We may modify these agreements at any time, and you agree that such modifications are effective immediately upon posting of the modified version.

last update: 03/18/2014